Nathaniel - First 3 Months




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About 18 days old:


4 weeks old:



Around 5 weeks.  One of the first smiles we captured, and a nudie (and he's not very happy about it).  Notice that he's still got his umbilical cord stump...

They say parents have no shame.  Gee, does Dad look a little tired?


6 weeks (where's his hair?):


8 weeks:


10 weeks:


11 weeks.  In his swing and intently watching his Baby Einstein video.


12 weeks:

Fun time with Grandpa!

Quality time with Grandma!

Hanging out with Nathaniel's friend, Zane (and his Mom, Joanna).  Zane is about 1 1/2 months older than Nathaniel.


13 weeks, including his first solid food.

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