Nathaniel - 3 to 6 Months




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14 weeks old, with Mom and dog...


Dad still needs more practice...


Easter Outfit (and smoochin' the pooch)...


16 weeks.  Drunken sailor meeting new friends...

Starting to hold his own bottle and discovering his feet!


Nathaniel in his new, super-duper, deluxe Exer-saucer...

Look, I can roll!

Were you talking to me?!?!


17 weeks.  First swim!


18 weeks.  Grandpa pays a visit.


19 weeks.

And a visit from Zane:



20 weeks.


21 weeks.  Dad's first Father's Day.


22 weeks.  Caught with his hand in the cookie jar.


23 weeks.


25 weeks.

Nate & Zane:

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